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Jason Hartman and in-house economist Thomas take today's episode to examine the 10 things that are happening in the US and abroad that are making the most impact in 2019. Among them are the US/China trade war, interest rates, the Mueller Report, millennial household formations, and more.

Key Takeaways:

[2:13] The best thing that's happened so far in 2019 is lower interest rates

[4:54] Household formation for millennials is looking really good for investors

[7:36] The Fed being receptive of market conditions has been a good omen for 2019

[12:29] The 3% GDP growth they said we needed to "pay" for the Trump tax cuts happened

[15:28] Blogcast on Creative Destruction

[21:24] The Mueller Report's impact on the housing market

[24:06] The US needs to negotiate with China now before we operate out of a position of weakness

[26:19] When China sat out the bond auction recently it created a wild swing


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