Creating Wealth Real Estate Investing with Jason Hartman

Congratulations to our Super Bowl 54 Champions, The Kansas City Chiefs, and the supporters of Brexit! Are you a HENRY? Big problems and big success run in the same circle.

Today, Jason Hartman speaks on Commandment No. 3 of the 21 Commandments of Successful Investing, “Thou shalt maintain control.” As well, he shares some interesting business concepts developing with Cloud Kitchens. And, Is there any legitimacy to the Super Bowl Indicator?

Key Takeaways:

[2:44] Welcome to HENRY: High Earner, Not Rich Yet!

[9:26] If you have bigger problems, it’s probably because you have more success

[10:42] “It’s not what we get by reaching our goals that matters, it’s who we become just by trying” -Zig Ziglar

[12:12] Commandment No. 3 of 21 Commandments of Successful Investing: Thou shalt maintain control

[24:35] When you own the real estate, you own something real

[25:00] Have you heard of Ghost Kitchens?

[28:00] The Super bowl Indicator: Does Kansas City’s win actually give us a good indicator of what will happen this year with the S&P 500?


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