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In this episode, Jason Hartman discusses Coronavirus’s impact on the U.S. market. He also speaks on how humans are wired for negative thinking and can be so easily affected by things out of our control. India may or may not have found the motherload of gold, but the land is a limited supply, and it has already been discovered. 

In the second segment, Jason is joined by Joffre LeFevre for an in-depth discussion about the U.S. market, what affects it, and how the global market influences the U.S. economy. 

Key Takeaways:

[1:20] Coronavirus and the market

[6:00] Humans are wired for negativity

[9:08] “Nation makes stunning gold find,” is the gold motherload in India?

[15:05] Coronavirus headlines might just be an excuse for people to sell

[19:00] In regards to the stock market, when do we know when we get to the bottom?

[19:33] 90% Downside days

[27:10] Sources of energy have changed

[31:00] What about negative interest rates?


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