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Jason Hartman discusses the economic recovery after the Spanish Flu. How was the economy leading up to the Spanish Flu, and how did the value of a paper money change globally? How does this relate to our current pandemic recovery, and what have we done differently?

The wealthiest US generation is starting to die off. Jason talks about the largest wealth transfer in history, a 30 trillion dollar transfer being passed down over the next couple of decades. The baby boomers are expected to pass this wealth to millennials with what expectations for how they will use it? 

Meet the Masters extension class: Asset Protection Specialist Attorney: Saturday 1 AM EDT

LIVESTREAM: Sunday Morning, Coffee Tok (Talk) 11 AM EDT

Key Takeaways:

[3:30] In what do we believe

[6:00] Empowered Investor Beliefs.

[8:10] Talking about the alignment of interests.

[11:30] The wealthiest generation alive is starting to die off, and are responsible for the largest wealth transfer in history. 

[14:30] The wealth transfer of the boomers will be about 30 Trillion dollars over the next couple of decades.

[19:18] Considering the recovery from the 1918 Spanish Flu

[21:40] "They didn't call it the roaring '20s for nothing..."

[25:10] Greater mobility equals better jobs.

[31:00] Burning Deutschmarks for heat: The Weimar Republic 


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