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How much more can I borrow with interest rates this low? Jason Hartman shares some great news about mortgage rates and takes you through some strategy to take advantage of them. This investment discourse is built on United Wholesale Mortgage (UWM) announcing today that they are rolling our a loan program that offers mortgage rates as low as 1.99%.

Wood and Hartman discuss the shift away from high-rise living due to COVID-19, something that challenges some expectations of experts claiming that the majority of the world would prefer living in cities. Wood explains the Trilateral Commission and the connection between it and several positions of power. 


Technocracy Rising: The Trojan horse of Global Transformation by Patrick M. Wood

Key Takeaways:

[1:10] Mortgage interest rates: UWM announced today that it’s rolling out a loan program that offers mortgage rates as low as 1.99%

[8:00] What if you could only get a 10-year mortgage? 

[15:30] Mortgage hypotheticals: How much can I borrow today?

Patrick M. Wood

[23:00] No one will be interested in high-rise living and mass transit.

[28:45] What is The Trilateral Commission?

[31:45] COVID-19 is likely to move us toward a government-backed cryptocurrency. 

[36:30] Patrick gives his August forecast on the economy. 

[42:40] Citizens for Free Speech is a non-profit started by Patrick M. Wood (2018)



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