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Recent articles at support Jason Hartman’s predictions about the average home size increasing. People are looking for more space in their home offices. The demand for bigger homes has increased in the small to medium-sized houses with a continuously growing demand for bread & butter housing. 

Actor from The Walking Dead, and The Big Short, Ilan Srulovicz joins Jason Hartman to talk about defunding the police and identity politics. Ilan talks about group classification and how this can potentially hold the individual back from what they might be trying to achieve. While solidarity is numbers hard at work, classification can be a disservice to humanity. 

Key Takeaways:

[2:15] article says that there is a sales increase for larger homes.

[6:45] The market is booming, and the average house size has increased more than the average yearly increase in size.

[9:45] The September 1st REFI-Fee is being delayed. 

[12:00] Buying a high-end home vs. renting a high-end home.

[15:40] There will continue to be demand for “basic, bread-&-butter housing.”

Ilan Srulovicz

[21:00] Racial/gender classifications, etc., are a disservice to humanity. 

[23:00] Breaking down identity politics and the hindrance or group classifications. 

[27:00] Is the objective truth under scrutiny?

[30:20] Why is the government enforcing mob mentality

[36:30] The rhetoric became a game of language.


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