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We’re getting political! Jason Hartman talks about the POTUS election with John Truman Wolfe in part one of this two part interview. This election has some significant weight on what we will see with the Republican Party for the next couple of decades. How has the media shaped our view of the President of the United States? Do Google and/or Facebook have major CIA connections? 

Key Takeaways:

[2:00] Battery Technology and Lithium Demand

[4:00] If Trump isn’t re-elected, could he be the last Republican President?

John Truman Wolfe

[7:15] Who is going to be the next POTUS, and who will control the Senate?

[11:50] How has the media shaped our view of whoever is holding office? 

[17:15] Google and Facebook….CIA connections?

[18:15] Are we stuck in a place of negative or artificial interest rates?

[26:25] Biden: Crony Capitalism


The Coming Financial Crisis by John Truman Wolfe

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