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Jason Hartman talks about the 2020 presidential election just a few hours before the polls close. Who knows when we will see a final tally of the votes, but here are few things to consider in the last couple of hours.

John Truman Wolfe joins Jason Hartman again to continue discussing the most crucial election in U.S. History. John also defines Bank Bail-Ins and what the U.S. can expect from it. As well, John answers the question, is lithium the new oil? 

Key Takeaways:

[1:45] Who knows what will happen with this election, and when it will happen?

[3:00] Why do California initiatives matter to me?

[5:30] Thank the heavens for the balance of power.

[8:00] From 1987, What did Johnny Carson have to say about Biden?  

[10:00] Let's discuss winning margins from past elections.

[14:00] "The bigger the government, the smaller the citizen." Speaking on the crowding out concept. 

[18:30] Have newspapers given out presidential endorsements?

[21:45] Steve Hilton talking about the Trump presidency. 

[32:20] Republican satisfaction has been rising prior to the election. The independents are flatlined, and the democrats are down.


[1:00] What are the differences between a Trump/Biden reelection? From Bill O'Reilly. 

[3:00] A Biden election could give Puerto Rico and Washington D.C. statehood, adding four new senators, likely democrats. 

[6:15] O'Reilly on Dems adding justices. 

[12:00] Jason and John discuss the migration patterns in the U.S.

[18:45] There is no justice about social justice.

[25:35] What's going on with lithium batteries and electricity? Is lithium the new oil? 

[26:50] What is a bail-in, and why is it a possibility? 

[31:20] The interesting thing about; the thing about a thing (derivatives). 


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