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Jason Hartman shares the pros of flying mid pandemic. While at a real estate conference, he can’t help but notice how the vast majority of attendees are incredibly bullish on real estate. Who else has become part of the California exodus?

In this part two discussion, George Gammon joins Jason Hartman, further illustrating some of the truth behind global conspiracies. George states that more data produced by the free market capitalist economy is needed to understand and accurately control pricing. What are we trading for green energy?

Special Mentions:

Key Takeaways:

[1:30] First time flying in 10 months! 

[4:45] Many people are very bullish on real estate! 

[6:00] Where in the world is Elon Musk?

[8:25] Warnings have been issued about pending great reset.

[10:15] How do you vet the abundant real estate offers?

George Gammon

[16:30] We need all of the data that is produced by the free-market capitalist economy. 

[17:10] George explains the benefits of a central bank digital currency.

[19:50] The digital currency that wins the game is the one backed by the government. 

[22:00] The possibility of digital currency backed by the government puts an overwhelming amount of control into the government’s hands. 

[25:30] People generally revolt against their inability to eat, not having freedom stripped away.

[28:40] Is there a chance that we can sustain our current lifestyle if we move to green energy?

[30:45] Is green energy a trade-off or a solution?

[34:45] How can we compare today to how unemployment was measured during the great depression? 

[37:00] Own a little gold, maybe some bitcoin, definitely have a 30 year fixed mortgage.


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