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Everybody needs food and energy. Jason Hartman begs the question, why are they excluded from the consumer price index when calculating the core rate? In this in-depth talk on economic maladies, Jason discusses inflation, deflation, and stagflation (stagnation) - and which is likely to show up in our lives throughout the next few years. How much do we (the entire human race) produce in a year? 

Key Takeaways:

[2:45] The political spectrum is less of a line and more of a circle. 

[6:30] “We just want a job.” - how money solves so many problems. 

[9:10] This decade, we will see changes, the likes of which we’ve never seen. 

[11:00] Is UBI good or bad?

[14:00] Inflation, deflation, or stagflation (or stagnation); what’s what?

[15:20] Why is inflation the most common scenario?

[17:20] The assets are the things you own, and the liabilities are the debts you have…right?

[20:00] How much does the entire human race produce in terms of economic value every year?

[22:00] Sighted inflation is a lie! 

[24:10] What are the two commonly excluded components from the consumer price index to get the core rate (core inflation)?

[26:00] Which assets do ‘ok’ in an inflationary environment? 

[31:00] The IRS does not know how to calculate inflation. 

[32:30] Economic malady number 2: deflation. 

[39:00] How can income property help me with my taxes?


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