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What do you mean, 30th anniversary of the peak of civilization? Jason Hartman talks about the shifts in culture, the economy, and technology throughout the years. What's peaked, and what is climbing faster than ever?

Jason is interviewed by Sterling White of The Real Estate Experience Podcast. Jason shares his journey and wisdom from the first three chapters that motivated him in real estate. Learn about the successes and failures that made Jason who he is today.

Key Takeaways:

[1:20] What news station has 'gone off the rails?'

[4:50] What would be the New Years' resolution for a N. Korean?

[7:20] This New Year is the 30th anniversary of the peak of civilization. 

[10:25] "Let me control the music; I care not who controls the money supply, and I care not who makes the laws." -Jason Hartman

[14:45] Have you checked out our Youtube Channel?

[16:21] The book that started it all for Jason, in three chapters: Nothing Down by Robert Allen

[19:20] You may have some bad experiences, it's not perfect, but keep going, keep investing

[21:30] If our mindset is wrong, we'll let the opportunity slip away

[24:20] We have to manage scarcity, mentality, and ego

[28:00] Your job is to pay the bills; your real estate will make you rich

[29:00] What failure has set you up for success?

[32:45] Thou shalt not gamble, buy a property that makes sense the day that you buy it

[41:45] Debt is not wrong in real estate; the mortgage is a huge asset


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