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The Russian ruble takes a hit as the war in Ukraine continues, civilians flee their homes, governments seize assets and both the Ukrainian and Russian people suffer. People wanting to help from across the world are sending support through Airbnb, by booking rooms in Ukraine through the platform. Airbnb has announced they will not take any booking fees, and all money will go directly to Ukrainian hosts. This is a great way to help without a charity organization skimming some of your donation off the top and for us to remember Jason's third commandment of investing: thou shalt maintain control. The same principle applies when donating to support the Ukrainian people.

Jason welcomes back Harry Dent, New York Times Bestselling author and one of the most outspoken financial editors in America, to discuss his new book ZERO HOUR and hear his thoughts on stocks, crypto, demographics and  the current economic climate.

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Key Takeaways:

Jason's editorial

1:31 Invasion of Ukraine and how we can all get involved

2:53 Ruble depreciates amid western sanctions

3:56 Russian billionaires' wealth crunch and government overreach

7:10 How WE can help, directly! Staying in control while donating and investing 

10:13 American Greed

11:18 Foreigners purchasing asset-backed securities in America and taking revenge on the FED

14:40 Energy independence with Jesse Watters and Sen. John Kennedy

19:07 Comment and win Amazon gift cards!

Harry Dent Interview

21:22 Introducing Harry Dent

24:54 Wealth transfer

28:06 Dow Jones Internet composite index vs. leading stock Amazon

31:08 Harry's thoughts on cryptocurrency

33:19 S curve and some core principles

37:40 Millennials and their peak spending cycle

42:11 Some economic predictions on millennials



"Capital always looks for the safe place in times of uncertainty" - Jason Hartman


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