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"Most people buy a house based on a PAYMENT, not the price." And looking at the Hartman Comparison Index™ (HCI) the mortgage rates, when adjusted for inflation, are actually low, according to ShadowStats! To view the HCI chart, you can also catch the video on Jason's YouTube and/or Facebook or LinkedIn channels.

Moreover, Jason invites you to join the Jason Hartman University (JHU) Live, virtual event on April 1 & 2, 2022 where you will learn to read a PRO FORMA, network with other investors, learn insider secrets to being a better investor and so much more! 

And finally, Jason welcomes Real Estate legend Ron LeGrand and talks about why he’ll never rent a house unless it's a lease purchase! Ron gives great advice for business, as well as techniques and philosophies for real estate investing.

Ron has been an entrepreneur since the age of eighteen. In 1982, Ron entered the real estate business, innovating the industry by creating systems to buy and sell houses without risk. Today, Ron and his company, Global Publishing Inc., mentor others on the real estate business, and Ron speaks around the world on the topic.

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The Less I Do, the More I Make: Automate Or Die: How to Get More Done in Less Time and Take Your Life Back by Ron LeGrand

Key Takeaways:

Jason's editorial

2:19 Join the Jason Hartman University (JHU) Live Virtual event

6:31 Hartman Comparison Index (HCI) Mortgage payment chart from 1970 to 2021. Download the free white paper at Hartman Comparison Index™ 

12:42 Register Now for the JHU Live Virtual Event HERE!

Ron LeGrand's Interview

13:19 Welcome Ron LeGrand

13:47 The importance of a mastermind group

14:38 Focus: less is more

16:50 How Ron LeGrand started in RE

20:28 Putting tenant buyers in your property

24:29  Lease purchase a home

26:45 No need to qualify for a loan

27:41 Tenant buyers have skin in the game

30:05 Self manage your properties

33:38 Seller carry back?

36:56 Marketing these tenant-buyer properties

38:13 Join Ron's webinar at

39:08 Final words of wisdom


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