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Today's Flash Black Friday is from episode 468, published last January 26, 2015.

Jason Hartman introduces today’s Creating Wealth Show with a look at why there is no ‘short-cut’ into income property investment and explains how what you learn along the journey can be even more valuable in the long-term. He also uses personal experience to discuss just how certain companies have managed to beat inflation.

His guest for today is the co-founder of Reaganomics, Paul Craig Roberts. Together, they discuss some of the international threats that could face America, thanks to the recent actions from Washington. Specifically, they deal with issues of demography, currency and military developments in Russia and China and consider the potential impact of each of these on the United States.

Key Takeaways

01.30 Jason Hartman gives some background to today’s guest, Paul Craig Roberts.

04.09 As a worldwide population, we face so many issues – can we ever surpass all of them?

10.34 You can’t expect to find an ‘easy way’ into real estate investing. It’s tough but the journey AND the result combined is worth it.

24.55 Jason Hartman introduces his guest for today.

26.22 The ruble should be strong in comparison to the dollar, and yet the ruble is risking collapse.

30.16 The reserve currency status no longer seems as stable when we look at potential drops in use of the dollar.

37.31 Paul Craig Roberts describes the US’s current position with regards to Russia and China.

47.30 We’ve got a whole generation of people who now can’t afford to live on their own terms.

50.23 The discussion moves to inflation and how it could transform the US economy.

59.30 With so many problems, is there a solution?

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