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Today Jason goes LIVE on his YouTube Channel and talks about the current state of the real estate market and some specific markets as well as why housing is getting so expensive! And he reiterates- keep your properties mortgaged; you are getting paid to borrow that money!

He also answers some questions from his viewers! And get your tickets to the Jason Hartman University Live, Virtual Event happening on April 1 & 2! And watch out for the occasional TANGENT alert! To see the graphs, watch the video in Jason's YouTube channel.

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Key Takeaways:

1:42 "May you live in interesting times!"

2:38 Current state of the RE Market

4:32 He will remain nameless 

5:49 Click Bait

7:51 Sampling some markets

10:00 FOMO

12:22 An example from The Collective Mastermind

14:32 The Los Angeles Market Metric

16:28 The Sarasota Market Metric

17:30 Get your tickets to the Jason Hartman University Live, Virtual Event

18:46 Back to Sarasota, 1031 exchanges and optimizing your properties

21:48 Tidbits from the Wall Street Journal

25:13 They're NOT giving up their cheap mortgages

27:54 Construction Cost Index

30:10 Jobless claims falls to lowest level since 1969

30:54 Get a 15 minute free strategy session with Jason. Go to

31:54 A few Q & A's

36:44 The 40 year fixed and variable mortgage rates, and the Ron Legrand approach

40:50 The Philipps Curve

43:30 You gotta have 2.1 kids!

44:54 You've got to tame inflation! And stay prepared! 

46:11 Recommended portfolio balance

48:04 Coaching program explained

50:20 Leverage your properties to the max, fire your property manager and use Inflation Induced Debt Destruction

54:34 I love debt!

56:14 The winners of our raffle! You have 30 days to claim your prize. Go to

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