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Plus Jason introduces T.I.N.A.. "She" is someone who will help you in your investment philosophies and mindset in this current economic climate. 

Then Jason continues his interview with Jeff Snider, Head of Global Research for Alhambra Investments, as they discuss the HIDDEN Monetary System Running The World.

Key Takeaways:
Jason's editorial
1:31 And the raffle winners are...
6:07 T.I.N.A., Reagan, Thatcher and Trump
11:26 More about T.I.N.A.
13:15 Get a copy of the free report Pandemic Investing:
Jeff Snider Interview Part 2
13:39 Alan Greenspan and “irrational exuberance”
16:50 You can’t keep track of money, so why bother trying?

17:45 Jeff Snider’s outlook on inflation
20:23 Milton Friedman’s interest rate fallacy
23:00 The Fed vs the Eurodollar system
24:44 Jerome Powell and the Fed interest rate hikes
27:32 Is consumer price inflation transitory?
28:34 What’s to come in this massively overheated real estate market?

30:31 The flattening of the yield curve says the Treasury market is resisting higher rates

32:23 Consumer prices and asset markets have created this illusion of a red hot economy

34:00 Today’s real estate market

35:53 The Gig Economy

37:57 Overreaction recession in 2020 did a lot of long term economic harm

40:57 Find Jeff Snider’s research on his blog at and check out his Eurodollar University Podcast


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