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Today, Jason comes to us from Salt Lake City from the back of one of his favorite vehicles- a minivan! He talks about mortgage and interest rates and how buyers are simply accepting less, based on their current economic status. He also invites all listeners to join the mentoring program to be held in Jacksonville Florida. This will be an intensive 3-day program where you will learn how to find and buy properties, WHOLESALE!

Then he welcomes back Galen Hair, an aggressive and relentless litigator. He is licensed in multiple states and boasts clients from around the world. With large wins both at home and across the country and an impressive record of favorable results, Mr. Hair gained a reputation for getting the job done both inside and outside the court room early on in his career.

Galen discusses insurance fraud, multi family policies, penalties and punitive damages and more! Listen in and find out how to make sure you get what you are owed based on your policies!

Watch the video in Jason's YouTube channel.

Key Takeaways:

Jason's Editorial

1:03 My favorite vehicle

3:25 FOMO, mortgage rates and signs that the market is cooling down

6:28 Buyers simply accepting less

7:21 Jason's speaking itinerary

8:13 Announcing the winners of the Amazon $50 raffle giveaway and Jason's theory of relativity

CTRS and Viepe33, you have 30 days to claim your prize. Please go to 

13:36 Elon Musk wins "Empowered Investor of the Year!" for buying Twitter
14:51 Historical 30-year mortgage rates: 1975-2022
16:19 Aunt Jean and the highest interest rates around the world
20:03 Join us in Jacksonville Florida for our 3-day "Wholesale" mentoring program. Get In - Get Out - Get Paid! Go to to register today! 
Galen Hair Interview
21:06 Have a professional look at your policy to see what you should be paid
22:10 How about for smaller claims?
24:01 Conflict of interest
25:38 Insurance fraud on both sides, but only the consumer might go to prison
27:46 Disgusting insurance corporations
29:31 Know the coverage and what you need to buy in your policy
34:30 Beware the "Non-admitted Carrier"
37:04 Statute of limitations in terms of claims
29:22 For more information visit

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