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When it comes to learning, there is no substitute for rolling up your sleeves and doing it yourself! So why not learn to analyze deals with Property Tracker? It’s an incredible software that helps you analyze ROI, cash on cash return, cap rate, gross rent multiplier and much more. Get your free account at! Jason takes you through the software with a client case study and shows you just how awesome this multidimensional asset class can be! 

So we’ve had a slight increase in the housing inventory, but will it make a difference and help cool off this red hot housing market? Join Jason as he goes over the latest numbers. 

Why rewire our brain? Is it even possible? Jason Hartman explores this and much more with today’s guest, Dr. Alok Trivedi, also known as Dr. Rewire. Can we rewire our brains to get different results? Should we aim to live successfully or to live in balance? How do we know if our goals are strategic or if they will only create chaos? Find out with Dr. Trivedi! 

Dr. Trivedi aka Dr. Rewire, is a media personality, founder of the Aligned Performance Institute, and the author of "Chasing Success: Lessons in Aligned Performance." He is sought out by CEOs, celebrities, professional athletes and entrepreneurs to rewire their thinking with his science-backed approach so they can transform their health, wealth and relationships.

Key Takeaways:

Jason's editorial

1:16 Real estate investor client case study - Ocala Florida 2019

3:23 Purchase price vs current price 

4:10 Property tracker: software for deal analysis - free account at

5:55 Jason’s RENT Real Estate News & Tech software demo YouTube channel

6:34 Learn to analyze ROI, cash on cash return, cap rate, gross rent multiplier, etc with Property Tracker

7:14 One year projection feature 

8:48 Total return on investment for client case study

11:04 Housing inventory update

12:42 Inventory needs to increase by 500% to get back to a “normal” market

15:17 ​​Inventory shortage in the entry level market is dramatically worse

16:06 This week’s raffle winners 

Alok Trivedi Interview

17:52 Welcome Dr. Alok Trivedi, also known as Dr. Rewire 

18:19 Why rewire our brain? Is it even possible? 

20:03 New Year's resolutions

21:06 What happens on a neurochemical level when you don't achieve your goals 

22:01 Failure is the greatest lesson 

23:26 It's the successes that we keep chasing

24:34 Success is one thing and fulfillment is another

26:10 Over index of dopamine causes our chaos

27:35 Regulating and balancing our potential for growth 

28:53 The most dangerous moment comes with victory

30:12 Positive and negative root experiences

35:00 How do you govern your brain? 

36:58 The longevity factors: regulation of dopamine and regulation of glucose

38:03 How do we know if our goal is strategic or if it will just create chaos

41:33 Goals should be just out of reach, but not out of sight

42:57 Balancing dopamine and the emotions that follow 

43:54 Learn more at and look for Dr. Trivedi's new book this summer! 


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