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For all of the crash bros out there waiting for a real estate crash, don't hold your breath! Jason Hartman takes you through some revealing statistics from Black Knight Data Reports to show you once again, why a real estate market crash is not on the horizon any time soon and why the housing shortage is set to last decades. Remember, the two value drivers for anything, whether it be currency, mortgages, precious metals, etc, the two value drivers are simply scarcity and utility. When your mortgage is below the current rate, it becomes irreplaceable. 

Jason is joined today by Lynette Zang, Chief Market Analyst for ITM Trading. We are at the end of this current monetary experiment! Central banks are out of tools and out of time. Are we headed into a hyperinflationary depression? The system is already shifting and will have to be reset - we just need a big enough crisis to get everybody on board…

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Key Takeaways:

Jason's editorial

1:26 Welcome to listeners from 189 countries worldwide

1:54 Top Gun sequel, aviation, innovation and fiat money

5:16 We traded true innovation for a welfare state and political correctness

8:25 Tom Cruise - the most successful actor of all time? 

9:02 Black Knight real estate stats - 24% of all first lien mortgages have interest rates below 3%

10:04 The low interest rate mortgage market will create a housing shortage for decades to come

12:31 Show me crash bros - where is the distressed seller?

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Lynette Zang Interview

14:17 Welcome Lynette Zang, Chief Market Analyst for ITM Trading

15:37 Valuing Gold and crypto 

17:50 Moving property and equity into the digital universe

18:53 What do you think the real rate of inflation is?

21:23 Inflation is a wealth transfer from the poor to the rich

23:38 Democracies such as Canada have gotten heavy handed

24:49 Modern monetary theory and central bank digital currencies 

27:06 The Federal Reserve is out of tools

29:42 Purchasing power chart of the consumer dollar

31:27 Nixon closed the gold window on August 15 of 1971 and  in that same era, he took a historic trip to China



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