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The "times they are a changing." In a time when investments are taking a hit, real estate in the "last one standing." Stocks, bonds, cryptocurrencies- nothing still compares to income property. It truly is the IDEAL investment: Income, Depreciation (in taxes), Equity buildup, Appreciation and Leverage.

Jason also asked T.I.N.A. on the show but she refused- bad hair day and all... But indeed, There Is No Alternative when one realizes the multi-dimensional aspects of income property compared to other investments; especially a BANK ACCOUNT, where you lose at least 8% per year! (IF you believe what the government says about the inflation rate) versus a 25% return on investment!

So, learn the math. Go to and watch a FREE video on why income property is the better investment.

Jason also welcomes ​​back Lynette Zang, Chief Market Analyst for ITM Trading, in which they continue their discussion on the current state of our economy and different investments and some steps to take in case a collapse/reset does occur! 

Key Takeaways:

Jason's editorial

1:19 A huge shift in our economy

2:34 T.I.N.A.'s having a bad hair day

5:05 A losing investment option

6:00 Income property- Learn to do the math

8:55 Go to and watch a FREE video on why income property is the better investment

Lynette Zang interview

10:31 Inflation would have run rampant

11:05 Correlation between recessions and interest rates

13:54 Will the Fed continue to raise interest rates?

16:18 Nothing left for the Fed to do: the end is near

18:05 Is the reserve currency coming to an end?

20:23 A big strong middle class is what makes a country stable

22:28  Is gold insurance or an investment?

23:53 The number one product of any government and any central bank is its currency

25:01 Gold coins vs gold bullion

29:58 Learn more at ITM




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