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Jason Hartman invites Joseph Wang aka The Fed Guy, to the show today. Who better to talk about the inner workings of the Federal Reserve than someone who actually worked there! Joseph Wang is a former senior trader on the open markets desk at the Federal Reserve and the author of Central Banking 101.

Jason and Joseph tackle the biggest question on everyone’s mind: will mortgage rates go higher? How much higher can they go? Why did the Fed wait so long to start quantitative tightening and raise rates? Why didn’t they do it more gradually? 

Is the Fed part of a greater conspiracy? Is there a man behind the curtain pulling the strings? Joseph Wang tells all!

Key Takeaways:

Jason's editorial

1:25 Working at the world's biggest investor

3:21 Us versus the G7

8:47 Increasing renter population

10:47 Mortgage rates are higher but you’re still getting paid to borrow

14:09 Mortgage rates are still below inflation 

15:54 Bidding wars in the rental market

Joseph Wang's interview

20:48 Welcome to The Creating Wealth Show, today’s guest: Joseph Wang, aka The Fed Guy

22:08 Interest rates and mortgage backed securities

24:22 Quantitative easing - buying mortgages and treasuries 

26:56 Quantitative tightening and higher mortgage rates

29:52 Rents are going higher

31:33 Short term vs long term interest rates

33:13 Decreased labor supply and higher wages

36:02 China is the fastest aging country in the entire world

39:24 The Fed is absolutely political



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