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Ladies and gentlemen we have an economy built on smoke and mirrors, built on a house of cards. Let’s not forget that currency is lent into existence and today, Jason Hartman shares exactly how much outstanding credit the United States has. 

Also, house inventory levels are starting to move in an upward direction. We’re still a far cry from normal market levels, but Jason gives you the latest numbers from Altos Research.  

Joseph Wang, aka The Fed Guy, former senior trader on the open markets desk at the Federal Reserve is back for part 2 of his interview today. Joseph gives his take on the Fed’s response during times of economic crisis such as the Great Recession and the recent pandemic. Was it right of the Fed to get involved and stimulate the economy, or should they have let the economy and markets work themselves out?

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Key Takeaways:

Jason's editorial

1:03 Introducing Joseph Wang part 2

2:00 Based on Altos Research, housing inventory is going up up up!

3:03 Download our slide decks; just go to

4:15 The 90 day average; going back to a 'normal' market

5:18 Segmenting the market by price

9:45 Raffle Winners last week and pausing the raffle- for now

11:50 An economy of smoke and mirrors

Joseph Wang Interview

17:52 The Philipps curve debate

20:43 Debt to GDP ratio and the dollar collapse

23:03 Why do other countries buy dollars? 

26:35 Bloodbath in the cryptocurrency markets

29:10 Understanding the Fed - is there a man behind the curtain? 

31:14 Was the Fed right to interfere during Covid and the Great Recession? 

33:41 What is a shadow bank? 

35:55 The story behind Long Term Capital Management

37:04 Be cautious with financial assets

38:47 Joseph Wang’s book Central Banking 101, Learn more at follow Joseph on Twitter @FedGuy12



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