Creating Wealth Real Estate Investing with Jason Hartman

The #1 piece of advice for growing wealthy is…

Pretend the stock market doesn’t exist.

Seriously. That ship left the dock decades ago and won’t be back.
If you’re still swallowing the stock market line of lies, we hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you will probably die poor, an unfortunate statistic lumped in with the 99% who will never know the blessed relief of a life free from financial worry. Can you even imagine the sweet taste of financial freedom? The age old problem of too much month and not enough money really can disappear.

The truth is today’s stock market has devolved into a giant con game where an exclusive gang of unscrupulous slimeballs makes a very nice living picking the pockets of average investors like you.

Are you a glutton for punishment?

Do you enjoy getting slapped around by Big Stock Market, who takes your money like the schoolyard bully? It doesn’t have to be that way. If you learn nothing else this entire day, pay attention now:

“Thousands of people are quietly growing wealthy every year because they pulled their money OUT of the stock market and put it into what has been proven year in and year out to be history’s best investment.”

The Creating Wealth in Today’s Economy Bootcamp doesn’t even consider something a real investment unless it does the following:

• Expect at least a 20% to 30% annual ROI

• Allows you PROFIT from the economically debilitating effects of inflation

• Cuts the THIEVING middle-men out and allows direct investment

• Provides TRUE diversification

• Is the MOST tax favored asset in America

• Turns banks profit model against them to practically STEAL money using legal leverage

• So conservative your grandmother would love it
If you realize that the preceding six items are a good thing, you’re halfway to financial freedom already. The Creating Wealth in Today’s Economy Bootcamp is based on the proven premise that Wall Street is screwing the average American investor and it’s about time you got tired of it!

We’d like to introduce you to a gentleman by the name of Jason Hartman, Founder and CEO of Platinum Properties Network, and the driving force behind The Creating Wealth educational juggernaut.

In his late teens, Jason recognized the incredible profit potential of investing in rental properties. It’s practically a license to print money. Starting with little in the way of assets, Jason used a unique strategy he discovered over the course of hundreds of real estate deals, and became a millionaire before the age of 30.

How did he do it? The broad answer is rental property investments. If you’re interested in more specifics, that’s where The Creating Wealth in Today’s Economy Bootcamp comes in. In it, Jason reveals his entire process for creating impressive fortune.

“If you knew one educational event contained absolutely every piece of information you needed to grow rich…would you go?”

It’s true you can spend as much on real estate seminars as you want. Got $3,000 burning a hole in your pocket? There’s a seminar for that. How about $5,000? There’s a seminar for that too. Want to pay more? They’ll shamelessly lighten your wallet.
But for $297 you can purchase a ticket to The Creating Wealth in Today’s Economy Bootcamp and, over the course of a single day, learn exactly what you need to begin building the real estate investment portfolio that can switch your family’s financial mode to “highly profitable” for generations to come.

The Creating Wealth in Today’s Economy Bootcamp does not rely on tuition to make money. Yes, we have to charge something for the event but it is way, way below market rate. There are a few reasons for this.

1. We must cover the costs of facility rental, materials, and food. What kind of business would we be if we lost money hosting an event?

2. While well below what most seminars charge to get through the door, we do set the tuition high enough to keep out browsers. We only want attendees who are serious about changing their financial lives.

At The Creating Wealth in Today’s Economy Bootcamp, you’re going to learn exactly what steps to take to begin investing in rental properties the moment you dive into the content. This is an actionable, clearly presented blueprint, unlike the other guys, who are usually feeding you just enough bull to reel you directly into their up-sell.

We’re sorry but this event is jam-packed with education, not
bushy sales pitches.

We’d like to apologize up front if you are looking to attend a real estate educational event that spoon feeds you useless information and spends most of the time lauding the benefits of their newer, better and, wouldn’t you know it, more expensive seminar!

The Creating Wealth in Today’s Economy Bootcamp is all you need. The backbone of this learning event is a process called The Complete Solution for Real Estate Investors. Jason developed this approach to investing in real estate properties over more than two decades of closing deals in every market imaginable.

The dirty little secret is it’s not hard to do! The most difficult part for most people is simply to take action in the first place.
Here’s what you can expect from our Creating Wealth in Today’s Economy Bootcamp:

1. Nine hours worth of intensive real estate learning. No esoteric theory. This is a simple, repeatable, conservative approach that can make you VERY wealthy.

2. How to properly use leverage to reach financial independence. You might quit your job in as little as seven years and never work again.

3. How to ignore the financial “guru” chatter and select properties and markets that make financial sense the day you buy them.

4. How to avoid negative cash flow.

5. Hands on property selection session.

6. You own your first property. Now what do you do? No worries. We’ll tell you.

A new feature with The Creating Wealth in Today’s Economy Bootcamp is property analysis. Jason and his team of investment experts will include a free, , personal, one-on-one property analysis of any property you choose. We want you to take the tools you learn at this event and put them into action! We’ll show you how we decide whether or not a property is a good buy. You can even bring in outside properties you’re interested in and we’ll show you how to evaluate its money-making potential.

Perhaps the benefits of using The Creating Wealth in Today’s Economy Bootcamp is to push your financial life into high gear can best be told by previous attendees.

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