Creating Wealth Real Estate Investing with Jason Hartman

This episode features Jason’s appearance on Elisabeth Embry’s Women’s Investing Network podcast, Jason shares his knowledge about the challenges a country can face based on demographics and immigration, how a normal business cycle and foreign investments can affect commercial real estate in cyclical markets and how the government manipulates and lies about the true inflation rate. 

Key Takeaways:

[07:16] A country's demographic challenges can limit their economic outlook. 

[12:14] Retirement is not good for people. 

[15:03] How a normal business cycle can affect commercial real estate. 

[19:37] Trump may repeal or soften Dodd-Frank, this would loosen regulations. 

[25:16] Foreign Investments distort the value of real estate markets. 

[28:24] Innovations in the banking world and payment systems are changing our financial landscapes. 

[29:55] Two ways the government manipulates and lies about the inflation rate. 

[38:23] Information for the Meet the Master's of Income Property Event in San Diego in January. 

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Women’s Investing Network Podcast #27 with Jason Hartman

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