Creating Wealth Real Estate Investing with Jason Hartman

Drew Baker is back on the program to speak with Jason about topics that are essential to income property investors. Jason shares the core ideas behind his signature methods of Inflation-induced debt destruction and his ultimate investing equation. He also explains how the IRS’s tax code does not properly account for inflation and how it can benefit investors. There is an abundance of information in this podcast new and seasoned investors shouldn’t miss.

Key Takeaways:

[03:54] Jason announces the winner of the Amazon Echo contest.

[04:52] Find out how to volunteer for the Short-Term Rental Advisory Board.

[07:51] Peter Schiff and issues with minimum wage laws.

[15:54] The difference between concept and context.

[20:43] Governments create monopolies through regulations.

[23:49] Client's answer the question "What advice would you give yourself in 2008"?

[26:38] Direct investors notice the financial bumps more than investors in group investments.

[33:40] Drew analyzes the price of a house in gold.

[37:25] The IRS's tax code does not properly account for inflation.

[45:35] Favorable reasons to self-manage your income properties.

[1:01:53] Drew shares his income property investment history.

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