Creating Wealth Real Estate Investing with Jason Hartman

With hurricanes and tropical storms at the forefront of the news these days, Jason kicks off this episode by speaking with Ed Babkes about the difference in weather-related insurance policies, why investors pay more for these policies and how to eliminate the need for flood insurance for your property. And later, the second part of Doug Casey’s interview from Aspen, Colorado. Mr. Casey is a self-proclaimed Anarchist Libertarian who warns of a forthcoming economic depression in the United States.

Key Takeaways:

[01:21] A quote from Franklin D. Roosevelt about real estate.

[04:24] Ed explains the differences between weather-related insurance coverage.

[09:05] The government charged investor-owned properties more than owner occupied properties.

[12:46] Elevation certifications can eliminate the need for flood insurance for some.

[17:56] Information on the new Amazon Echo contest, the upcoming Venture Alliance, and the Meet the Master’s events.


Doug Casey Guest Interview Part 2:


[20:27] Will technology keep the US lifestyle status quo in the face of inflation?

[25:48] Governments all over the world are seriously bankrupt.

[29:18] The welfare or the warfare state?

[33:54] A good thing about the upcoming depression.

[35:30] Why Inflation is much worse than income tax

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