Creating Wealth Real Estate Investing with Jason Hartman

Jason kicks off the show with a reminder for Meet the Masters, along with some quick tips for property owners about pet rent, your property manager, and running the numbers before purchasing your property.

Then Jason Hartman talks to Meet the Masters of Income Property keynote speaker John Burns, CEO of John Burns Real Estate Consulting, about how the autonomous car is going to change the look of cities, what a "surban" is, and why the 1980s is "the sharer" generation. The two also go into a more in-depth look about what kind of markets there are in the United States, and which hybrid markets may be on their way down.

Key Takeaways:

Jason Intro:

[5:05] A quick tip on pet rent

[7:58] Pay attention to your property managers

[9:37] Look beyond cash flow when evaluating properties to purchase

[11:37] Returns shrink as markets become more sophisticated

[13:28] Get some good photos of your home right when you purchase

John Burns Interview:

[17:36] Amazon's search for a second headquarter location, and where John thinks it will be

[20:19] How John classifies markets

[22:48] Hybrid markets like Austin and Dallas are seeing way more growth than they normally do in cycles, and why Austin's best days may be behind it

[24:17] The world is shifting more toward suburban apartments, being driven by local money

[26:53] The definition of "surban"

[32:00] The nickname for those born in the 1980s is "the sharers"

[35:01] The impact of autonomous cars


"The more perfect the marketplace, the less opportunity is available"

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