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We are swimming- and drowning in data! Today Jason shows us some charts which could give us insight into the question: is it better to own a home or rent one? But remember, the numbers don't tell the whole story so treat the data as a "benchmark."

He also talks about how Walmart's move to pay their truck drivers $110k a year and the ramifications that will have on an already competitive the market place. 

He is then joined by Daniel Kwak, half of the Kwak Brothers to discuss the millennial investing mindset!

Key Takeaways:

Jason's Editorial

1:16 We're drowning in data

3:06 Join us in Dallas for a Collective Mastermind event. Go to

4:17 Chart: Is it better to rent or own? Condo Co-op

7:42 Chart: Is it better to rent or own? Single Family Homes; Seeing these as benchmark components

10:21 The "rent versus mortgage rate" numbers are getting closer

11:11 The John Burns chart disagrees; but there are so many things they don't tell us

13:49 Join our raffle. Just leave a YouTube comment and/or apple podcast review to win a $50 Amazon gift card!

15:10 Walmart's supply chain plan: pay its truck drivers $110k- its effects on the economy

18:22 Inflation Induced Debt Destruction

Daniel Kwak Interview

19:01 Welcome Daniel Kwak

20:00 Daniel Kwak's insight into the way Millennials engage with money and investing especially after the Great Recession

22:25 Millennials prefer experiences to things

24:07 AMC and Gamestop short selling and meme cryptos

26:27 Psychology of the millennial investor

27:58 Boomers and the wealth transfer

30:04 The utility of NFTs

31:32 Pros and cons of real estate vs digital assets

33:40 What will millennials do with their inherited money?

35:04 Co-living real estate trend - is it viable?

37:38 Find Daniel at


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