Creating Wealth Real Estate Investing with Jason Hartman

Power is the name of the game for politicians and they will do anything to keep it, including protecting the real estate industry at all costs, which is responsible for 3.9 trillion dollars in revenue or nearly 17% of the national gross domestic product. But can a judge rule that creditors can go after the assets in your IRA? Follow the case of a California judge who will decide if creditors may come after your IRA assets not deemed necessary for living expenses or any distributions you take from your IRA. 

Jason Hartman is joined by Kim Hopkins, owner of Iron Peak Properties, who shares her story about building a real estate empire that allows her to live her life by design. Follow her journey from academia to corporate America to real estate!

Key Takeaways:

Jason's editorial

1:25 Politicians and power

3:15 Why politicians will do everything to preserve the real estate industry

4:45 The real estate industry was responsible for 3.9 trillion or nearly 17% of national GDP

6:30 My secret lil pleasure 

8:18 States with the largest income generated per home sale in 2021

10:33 Last year, 6.12 million existing homes were sold

11:02 Yet another reason to leave the socialist republic of California

13:24 Engage in asset protection strategies. Go to

Kim Hopkins interview

14:15 Welcome Kim Hopkins, owner of Iron Peak Properties, which owns and manage over 350,000 square feet of real estate in Oregon, Washington, Utah, Texas and Arizona with a focus on multi-tenant industrial properties

16:28 The journey from academia to corporate to real estate

19:04 Kim’s desire to build something new

21:04 Representing females in mathematics was not enough

21:51 Imposter syndrome

25:09 Tax credits for big companies startup

27:23 Rich Dad, Poor Dad – retiring from W2 corporate America

30:38 Is your job really the most important thing?

32:42 Women in the workforce produce tax revenue for the government and more GDP for the overall economy

34:50 Moving up in the corporate world complicates life even more

36:10 Lifestyle design: five hour workday from home in real estate

38:30 Building a civilization

39:25 Edward Bernays

 41:40 Start with your endgame: building a real estate empire


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