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We have witnessed a massive shift in Federal Reserve policy over the last several months and a tightening of the money supply and it is having profound effects on the real estate market and on all the financial markets, whether it be precious metals, stocks or cryptocurrencies. It’s been a rough ride for stock and crypto investors, with an absolute bloodbath in these markets recently.

But where is the real estate market disaster that everyone is expecting? Where is the real estate market crash? First of all, we've got to distinguish real estate from income property. Are we talking about linear markets, cyclical markets or hybrid markets? Are they markets with good Land to Improvement Ratios? Also, in order to have a real estate crash, there are several things that have to line up, including distressed borrowers and high unemployment rates. Jason takes a closer look at all of these factors to see if a crash in the real estate market is on the horizon.

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Key Takeaways:

1:33 Where is the housing market going? 

3:00 Rough ride for stock market investors

4:24 Real estate is the last man standing 

7:06  The strength of the mortgage holder will determine the fate of the market

9:10 United States GDP

10:49 Nearly 40% of the homes in the US have no mortgage at all

11:46 People with no mortgage balance are unlikely to go into foreclosure

13:18 24% of all first LIEN mortgages in the country have an interest rate below 3% 

16:16 Black Knight Data - the housing market now versus the Great Recession

18:09 How many adjustable rate mortgages now vs 2007

20:09 The Federal Reserve and the IRS go together

24:38 What’s going on with inventory? 

28:55 Learn to analyze properties at

32:10 Demographics and the housing market

34:57 Multi dimensions of real estate

37:07 Demographics for the rental market and the entry level home buying market





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