Creating Wealth Real Estate Investing with Jason Hartman

Tom is an internationally acclaimed Internet Marketing expert and full time professional speaker. He has been featured on major news media worldwide including the Canadian Broadcast Network, The Australian Broadcast Network, Associated Press, The Tokyo Today Show. His resume also boasts hundreds of radio, television and print appearances throughout the United States.


Tom will tell you that he is no "techie," but has a very simple "Three Prong Attack" on Internet marketing, which is extremely simple and easy to understand. He teaches consistent high profit / low overhead Internet sales techniques that have made him an Internet Multi Millionaire in a very short period of time.


Currently Tom has taken on the role of consumer advocate where he has a Television show and Documentary in development to try to clean up the seminar industry where unsavory seminar speakers are pilfering people for enormous amounts of money. 


Also White Wing Entertainment is in production of a documentary about Tom's life called "The American Entrepreneur". 


Tom can be found online at

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