Creating Wealth Real Estate Investing with Jason Hartman

In the first section of today’s Creating Wealth Show, Jason Hartman talks about his experience in property tours and discusses the issues of either over- or under-diversifying your portfolio with your investments with investment counsellor, Sarah.

Afterwards, the discussion moves to a focus on the ever-changing industry of manufacturing as Jason talks with the President and Executive Director of The Alliance for American Manufacturing, Scott Paul. They discuss topics from moving this industry overseas, to the changing situation over history and even to the impact and potential for change due to 3D printers, with Scott Paul giving his experienced overview on each.


Key Takeaways

07.00 – The property investment market in Texas is rather different to the rest of the US seeing as there’s no state income tax and tenants only pay property tax if they themselves own the property.

10.30 – To reach the right level of diversification, you want to realistically be looking at investing in 3-5 markets.

16.15 – The tours and seminars are a great way to network and to find out information – even if it’s not a market you’re particularly interested in getting involved with, they’re great things to attend.

21.00 – The manufacturing market is so vast – it includes both the larger products such as fridges, and the smaller parts you don’t see, such as packaging or car parts.

24.00 – If a US steel plant were to move to China, the percentage increases of output pollutants are staggering.

25.40 – Manufacturing is one of the most important and effective ‘multiplier’ industries in the United States.

32.00 – The situation has changed prettily drastically since the 1990s and that’s not necessarily a good thing.

37.40 – We’re also putting ourselves in a risky security situation due to our total dependence on one manufacturing company in China.

43.00 – Putting money into improving the US infrastructure would be a very wise investment.

43.50 – Find out more information about Scott Paul and his work at and on Twitter using the handle @KeepItMadeinUSA

47.40 – Germany is in a particularly good position right now, in terms of manufacturing, even though its average compensation manufacturing is almost 20% higher than that of the United States.


52.50 – Manufacturing has the potential to be transformed with the innovation of 3D printing.

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