Creating Wealth Real Estate Investing with Jason Hartman

Jason Hartman has answered a number of Steve G. Jones's voice mail questions on previous Creating Wealth episodes and now he appears today as a guest! Steve has a lot of great questions for Jason on the topics of purchasing income property, renting versus buying properties, and much more. By the way, during Jason's move from Phoenix to California, he found another dozen of the physical product of the Meet the Masters home study courses. Go to to buy it at an incredible discount.


Key Takeaways:

[3:50] There's no such thing as return on equity.

[9:30] Longevity is a big deal, so let's plan for it in our investment strategy. 

[11:20] Jason plays and answers a listener question. 

[16:00] In moving, Jason found another dozen Meet the Masters home study courses. Go to to get it at an incredible discount. 

[17:45] Jason invites a listener, Steve G. Jones, onto the show. 

[24:50] The Khan Academy has some great videos on the difference between renting versus owning. 

[29:15] Jason's rent to value ratio holds up worldwide. 

[38:00] What would Jason buy if he had a $1.2 million credit line and $1m in cash? 

[42:50] There are only three types of smart investments you can make with your money. Jason explains. 

[47:15] Don't be in the stock market! You'll just get ripped off. 

[50:55] If you have more questions for Jason, please feel free to call in and appear on the Creating Wealth show. 


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