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It’s unclear exactly why Memphis is a rental property owners dream investment city but it is. Vacancy rates are consistently 5% or less year over year. Even when people are qualified to purchase a property they insist on renting. Add to that the dynamic nature of this culture filled town and major distribution companies who do business there and you get a perfect bluesy mix of properties and opportunities for your next investment. 


Key Takeaways:


Jason’s Editorial:

[1:42] Chicago property tour 7/15 -7/17

[2:58] 3 cities now that Detroit is confirmed

[4:12] Voicemail from Roger about managing your property managers

[6:10] An entire episode on managing your manager coming

[6:40] Search with the keyword property manager

[8:00] CNBC video - Rents rising and supply is constrained

[9:59] Let’s get in the game and take action


Ryan from Memphis:

[11:57] Invest in Memphis - it’s great for rental properties

[13:10] Is Memphis saturated with investors?

[13:48] Why you should love Memphis as a rental property buyer

[14:44] Vacancy rates are 5% or less

[16:00] The reasons tenants rent 

[17:03] Rent a nicer place than they can own 

[20:02] Society is changing towards not planting roots

[20:48] Time Magazine home ownership article

[22:56] People are looking for dynamic, cultured cities

[24:53] Different levels of property available in Memphis

[26:38] The evaluation process for finding properties

[29:12] The government assisted housing dilemma

[32:00] The benefits of a section 8 housing tenant

[34:45] Ryan’s unique selling proposition

[36:24] When choosing which markets are best, Memphis is growing



La Banque - Chicago hotel of choice - $131 per night - (708) 798-6000


Memphis Housing Authority

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