Creating Wealth Real Estate Investing with Jason Hartman

Massive shifts in the world economy are coming and may be as soon as 2020. The United States has the unique opportunity to take charge of the change through technological breakthroughs that will lead us down the utopian path. In addition, the U.S. is still the best country in which to make real estate investments. But if you do it be wise about it. Private investments are one of the safest vehicles to create your wealth. Be wary of group investment funds which put the control of the funds in someone else’s hands. Jason cautions his listeners against this type of investing. Before signing any deal read every word of the paperwork. 


Key Takeaways:


Jason’s Editorial

[1:13] Oregon has no sales tax! A great place for retail therapy. 

[1:58] People make uneducated decisions

[3:59] The Venture Alliance for investors

[4:59] The group choice is not a good choice

[6:18] Partnerships with people you know and trust 

[8:15] The World Domination Summit is an example of the inefficiencies of conferences

[10:25] Unemployment and cohabitation is Greece

[11:54] Jason’s 6 Ways to Escape the Debt Disaster

[13:18] Human workers displaced by Robotics even the written word

[15:44] Countries in risk of a government external debt crisis 

[19:15] Leave us a voicemail on your thoughts of robotics in the future

[20:24] Minimum wage increases unemployment

[22:20] Massive shifts in the economy by 2020

[23:22] An update on the Chicago tour, 8:30 on Thursday morning


Listener Andrew:

[24:58] Jason help me with this investment in Texas

[28:00] What are the questions I need to ask before signing?

[29:30] Start by getting the basic information

[32:04] Jason doesn’t care for investing in groups 

[32:55] Thou shalt maintain control

[33:45] What protects your money from misuse when it’s part of a fund?

[36:05] If the deal is that good investors try and keep it to themselves. 

[39:56] Questions to ask before investing and read every word of the documents

[41:57] Be suspicious of the others investors involved



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