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Throughout history the human race has not changed much even with all the extreme technology in our lives today. There is a chance of robot labor causing mass unemployment but it’s not likely. Entrepreneurs by nature are persistent, durable and pig headed which leads to innovative and determination. For the United States to continue its great heritage we need more experimentation in education, to make use of all of North American assets and to follow the 6 key steps to building great companies a belief of Gary Hoover.  


Key Takeaways:

Jason’s Editorial: 

[2:36] Memories of Monopoly, past and recent 

[6:56] Memories of Facebook, during the recession

[8:54] Cash flow in a RV ratio 

[10:20] The San Diego event - JHU Live 


Gary Hoover interview:

[11:28] The addiction of collecting memorabilia

[12:50] Becoming efficient in learning is harder with digital books

[14:52] The table of contents contains the key points

[18:28] Thick books sell but e-books are the future

[21:54] Many reference books are 300-1500 pages 

[23:07] The lemming effect - Ben & Jerry’s were the cool entrepreneurs

[24:37] The value of The Book Stop 

[27:49] Startups need to look at the long term

[29:10] Europe’s standard of living is much lower than the U.S.

[32:34] Raising the minimum wage is cruel

[34:27] You attitude makes all the difference 

[36:27]  North American countries working together would be a powerful force

[37:54] Curiosity has been driven out of kids heads in the U.S. 

[41:25] The first innovation museum, robotics are part of lives right now

[44:17] A rise of craft manufacturing in our affluent society

[45:44] Training and educating our children for the future

[48:07] Economist Robert Fogel, a spiritual shortage

[50:30] Contact Gary at



EO Conference

UT School of information 

Hoover’s World 


The Fourth Great Awakening 

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