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2016 presidential candidate Mark Everson has qualifications in both private and government sectors. He believes the U.S. needs a leader with experience in both. His policies, he believes, closely match the desires of the American public and he promises to uphold the constitution and restore the pride we once had for our nation. He is asking listeners to engage with him on his website. Early on, Jason and Naresh discuss markets affected by fracking and why rental properties may not be a good idea right now. JHU Live is now at early bird level #2 now so get your spot reserved today and will you join Jason in Dubai? 


Key Takeaways:


Jason’s Editorial:

[2:45] Naresh reflects on Porter Stansberry’s podcast

[5:40] Baltimore is a dilapidated city with high crime

[8:41] Give us your feedback on our new search engine at

[10:30] Pittsburgh and Buffalo just don’t have many good real estate investment options

[11:20] Utopia in the shale oil boom areas and Obama’s 3rd term 

[13:42] Newport Rhode Island is our next Venture Alliance trip

[15:21] We will hold on to our properties in Houston but may not buy anything else 

[16:10] Shale oil (fracking) exploration is expensive 

[17:55] A qualified candidate that hasn’t been invited to the debates

[18:50] Debates are a scam and money corrupts elections

[22:14] JHU Live event in early bird level #2 - 30% off for an iTunes review

[22:47] The Venture Alliance trip in September 


Mark Everson Interview:

[23:36] I’m running because the U.S. needs a leader who knows government and private sector

[24:38] Mark’s positions on key issue’s at

[27:30] Our shared destiny - sacrificing for the nation and assimilation 

[29:38] Donald Trump may be sabotaging the republican party

[31:27] Does the U.S. have dynasty type families made for politics

[32:40] Executing laws as written not as we want them to be 

[34:01] Wall Street is the modern version of organized crime

[34:41] Executive branch overreach 

[36:05] Running for a single term is best for the country

[36:56] Thoughts on Obamacare and defining full time work

[39:25] Would line item veto hold the president responsible to the people

[41:08] Being excluded from the debates 



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