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Jeff, a client, has questions regarding recent investments in Chicago. Research has led him to question local school rankings, foreclosures and exit rates of the area. A Chicago local market specialist addresses all three items and adds some facts and figures regarding this world class city, such as 42% of the people in Chicago are renters. Plus, the young mobile class will be attracted to Chicago for its affordable living and international recognition. 


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Key Takeaways:

[2:14] Absorption rates - understanding the statistics

[4:35] Comparing La Hoya, CA to the Chicago, IL housing market in cost per square foot

[7:09] Invest in assembled commodities they are far less volatile 

[9:50] The median sales price and the median list price are telling numbers about the area 

[11:59] Chicago average home price 

[13:53] Foreclosures can flood the market changing the absorption rate 

[14:36] Jeff wants to know if he is suffering analysis paralysis

[15:36] In Chicago family oriented areas have higher taxes

[18:07] A school’s infrastructure may be more important than its ranking

[19:57] The foreclosure process in a judicial foreclosure state takes much longer 

[21:00] Zillow groups all sales in an area together it may not be a good guide for individual homes 

[21:50] Housing markets that are slower to recover are often more stable to invest in  

[22:56] Chicago is a world class city and a thriving economy 

[25:34] The midwest is a favorite emerging market 

[26:51] Chicago is the most moved to destination in a study by Van Lines 

[28:06] San Diego event is Jason Hartman University Live 

[28:30] Lender Top 1%  of originators in the nation it’s a volume business 

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How to Lie with Statistics


Van Lines 

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