Creating Wealth Real Estate Investing with Jason Hartman

Jason and Naresh discuss the lure of working on Wall Street and how big firms lure college kids with 6 figure salaries and pricey hotel stays. They delve into real estate being the most multidimensional asset class and the financial protections it offers. They reflect on clients who are using money from their corporate jobs to build their real estate portfolios by investing in income property on their way to becoming financially independent. And finally, the unsafe, unstable investment of gold.


Key Takeaways:

[2:01] Florida is very desirable for a lot of reasons

[4:15] Naresh went to Duke and worked on Wall Street 

[6:12] An example of a Super Day at Morgan Stanley

[10:06] Kids don’t aspire to work on Wall Street, they are courted in college

[11:22] $150,000 a year right out of school

[13:06] We sell out when we become adults

[14:38] Venture Alliance event in September go to to sign up

[15:06] Invest money from your corporate career as a base on which to build your wealth

[16:44] You have no idea how the machine called Wall Street works

[17:38] Will gold continue to drop in value?

[18:20] Generation Y, what is it they find value in

[19:29] 7 reasons real estate is better than gold

[22:03] Your best insurance is a high loan balance

[23:25] Is your gold hiding offshore? How do you know it’s in storage?

[25:22] Jason’s Grandfather was a coin collector and had his home invaded for it

[28:45] 25% down for cash on cash return of 12% annually

[30:00] Multidimensional asset class is basically many different dimensions of income

[31:00] Information on future episodes






7 ReasonsRealEstateisaBetterInvestmentthanGold




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