Creating Wealth Real Estate Investing with Jason Hartman

Megan Greene joins us today to discuss the results of the 2015 John Hancock Investor Sentiment Survey. She shares her views on whether or not the Fed’s will raise the interest rate, if the stock market is rigged and how she believes monetary easing stokes financial inequality.


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Key Takeaways:


Jason’s Editorial:

[1:54] Ms. Hartman is an extreme do it yourselfer

[5:03] Jason wants me to increase my rent to value ratio

[7:03] Sign, sign everywhere a sign

[8:01] Inflation induced debt destruction

[9:01] Orlando Property Tour has a few spots left

[10:11] Meet the Masters in January

[10:18] Venture Alliance Mastermind - February in Dubai

[11:48] “Divorce the story, marry the truth” - Tony Robbins quote


Megan Greene Guest Interview:

[13:11] Regulations and less market liquidity causes volatility

[14:21] High frequency trading makes it difficult for small players

[16:29] The stock market is partly rigged

[17:50] What’s the next move for the Fed

[20:53] Results of the investor sentiment survey

[21:41] The Fed’s may hike in December

[22:58] Monetary easing stokes financial inequality

[24:41] Pushing investors into riskier investments

[26:28] Infrastructure spending may be in the future for the U.S. 

[27:05] How will a rate hike affect mortgage holders

[29:16] Mobility is a benefit for Gen Y workers

[30:25] Risks coming from outside of the U.S.



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