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NeighborhoodScout is an online data tool you can use to make real estate evaluations a breeze. Simple searches serve up quality information. The information is used by government agencies, real estate investors and individuals alike. Today’s guest, Dr. Andrew Schiller, the creator of the site, has a Ph.D. in geography, focusing in sustainable development.


Key Takeaways:


Jason’s Editorial:

[1:43] Jeff uses Voxer to ask Jason about startup costs

[7:09] General observations from the IMM conference in Scottsdale, AZ

[9:04] Embrace the fragmentation, 11K homes are owned by investors with less than 5 properties

[10:50] REITs is just not profitable, say some

[12:45] Meet the Masters of Income Property in January

[13:20] The Venture Alliance Mastermind trip to Dubai


Dr. Andrew Schiller Guest Interview:

[14:48] A Ph.D. in geography, using data for sustainable development

[17:29] Predicting crime risk at the individual address level

[17:49] Labeling real estate based on financial predictors

[18:50] Neighborhoodscout serves over 1 million people a month

[20:53] Analysing the raw data for vacancy rates and trends

[25:55] What should an investor be looking for when using NeighborhoodScout

[27:28] Communities with good schools maintain their value during tough times

[31:33] Other factors to consider when investing in income property

[34:29] The tipping point for stable rentals

[36:35] Why on earth would students take on 4 times the debt than their first job would pay?

[39:09] Our information on crime is very telling, Oakland, CA is the most expensive dangerous city

[42:58] Derby Street in Berkeley, CA, why is the crime so high?

[44:10] Inexpensive and safe places are available in the U.S.

[47:20] The perfect place for Jason to live

[49:10] How to use a subscription to the website

[50:01] The Federal Reserve and HUD use NeighborhoodScout for tax credit info

[52:43] Meritocracy



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