Creating Wealth Real Estate Investing with Jason Hartman

Personal savings is designed to be built over time. Gold is an asset which may not be growing exponentially, but it continues to hold its value. Our guest, Joshua Crumb, runs the service company BitGold. BitGold is a software-based service which allows users to sign up at no cost and to buy gold or other precious metals at any time and in any amount they choose. Joshua has an extensive background including working for Goldman Sachs in the Global Economy division. He shares his thoughts on inflation, flaws in the federal system and his thoughts on why millennials may not have the leverage to invest in real estate.

Key Takeaways:

Jason’s Editorial:
[1:20] Kudos to Elizabeth and Debra in Tony Robbins organization
[3:18] No Voxer messages today, but you can record questions
[3:55] 2 medias in the world - the monologue and the dialogue
[8:36] The IMN conference - get the slides from the presentation free of charge
[10:15] Meet the Masters event is just about sold out
[10:41] Tony Robbins talks about 6 human needs
● Certainty
● Variety
● Significance
● Connection and Love
● Growth
● Contribution
[14:35] 3 questions from the event
[17:16] Venture Alliance Mastermind Dubai trip is coming up

Joshua Crumb Guest Interview:
[18:20] Joshua worked for Goldman Sachs in Global Economic Strategies
[19:52] Gold really isn’t an investment
[21:45] Savings is designed to be accumulated over time
[23:12] Gold may not be growing but it is holding its value
[27:25] Feedback on Peter Schiff’s predictions
[28:59] Millennials don’t have much leverage
[30:28] 2 important trends happening in the U.S. economy
[33:00] Long-term inflation is low
[34:14] Joshua believes inflation will increase
[35:56] Conspiracies may exist but no one can prove it
[36:20] BitGold makes it easy for anyone in the world to buy gold
[37:26] Brinks manages your gold and it’s insured with BitGold
[38:47] The service is fully redeemable and you can access your gold at any time
[39:45] BitGold is basically a software
[41:50] Spending your gold by way of a pre-paid Mastercard
[44:10] Comparing the risks between a saving account of gold and a bank account
[45:34] BitGold is only 4 months old but has 350,000 users


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