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It’s a great time to be alive. Technology allows us to communicate and collaborate with a country and it’s people, anytime day or night. We can use air-conditioning to deep freeze conference rooms and take jumbo jets to Dubai for amazing educational seminars. Our guest, Jane Root has transformed major networks with what she calls clever pleasure. She searches out engaging true stories and backs them up with interesting facts to inform and entertain us. Her latest project The 2000s: A New Reality is available on National Geographic and Youtube.


Key Takeaways:


Jason’s Editorial:

[1:25] Predicting the future and investing for cashflow

[2:51] Yogi Berra quote

[3:24] A VIP dinner before our Meet the Masters

[5:04] The smartphone is intelligent more intelligent than NASA in 1969

[6:44] Middle-class plummets to less than 50% in the U.S.

[16:02] Tony Robbin’s air-conditioning abuse

[20:36] Tony Robbins powerful event therapy

[22:32] The Venture Alliance trip in Dubai

[23:26] Proximity is power


Jane Root Guest Interview:

[25:43] The 2000’s show us the world is a strange place

[27:42] The 80’s monetized and the 90’s economized

[33:04] Napster led the way for the iPod

[35:19] Some real stories from the 2000’s are comedies

[36:51] Enron was a big production to disguise what was really happening

[38:26] Technology came alive in the 2000’s

[40:04] Trends came together with collaboration

[42:32] Fun facts about the 2000’s you may not have known

[43:47] Contact information for Jane




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Middle Class Plummets to Less than 50% article

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