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If you were on the fence about Wall Street being the modern version of organized crime after listening to this episode you may quickly empty out your retirement account and invest it in income property. Putting clients interests after their own is perfectly legal in today’s mutual fund industry and even the supposed protective watchdog agency, FINRA gets all of their funding from Wall Street. Our guest, Bobby Monks, helps us, the average investors to demystify the market and advises us on safer places to invest our money (it’s real estate! Who knew?).


Key Takeaways:


Jason’s Editorial:

[1:58] What questions are we asking ourselves?

[6:56] How to be grateful for and enjoy everything in life

[7:55] Changing your question changes your life

[9:55] The Venture Alliance Mastermind Dubai trip still has a few tickets


Bobby Monks Guest Interview:

[12:36] Bobby truly is an insider

[14:03] Is Wall Street systemically corrupt?

[15:46] Breaking down the elements of kickback fees in retirement accounts

[18:46] What can investors do to fight back

[20:01] Average investors should negotiate like the institutional investors do

[22:21] And it’s all perfectly legal

[24:08] FINRA is a lap dog, not a watchdog

[26:45] FINRA is a self-regulatory organization created 2007 paid for by Wall Street

[28:43] Demystifying the system for the average investor

[29:59[ Index funds have their problems too

[32:08] Why real estate is a better investment than money market

[36:11] Institutional Shareholder Services is the real Wall Street watchdog

[38:53] Contact Bobby and get the book



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