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What makes the U.S. so great? What could lead to its financial demise? Our guest, John Addison answers both of these questions and makes some predictions for the future of our great nation as only he is uniquely qualified to do. He is a veteran of the financial services industry and currently shares his extensive knowledge through public speaking engagements. During the course of our conversation, he gives millennials savings advice and warns us about the problems of national debt and entitlement programs. 


Key Takeaways:

Jason’s Editorial:

[2:33] Merry Christmas from Jason!

[3:47] Upcoming monologue episodes

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[6:00] So, tell us about the new Tesla S and Elon’s dream

[15:23] Meet the Masters dinner is full

[16:30] Founder and CEO of Cozy Co. will be speaking

[17:32] Venture Alliance Mastermind in February


John Addison Guest Interview:

[18:44] The history of Primerica

[20:42] Middle-Market America has been ignored by the financial industry

[23:20] Delivering financial products is Primerica’s core value

[25:12] A question of the savings component

[30:49] Living beneath your means when you are young

[32:43] 108,000 independent representatives sell Primerica products

[35:31] In 1990, Primerica was sold and became Citigroup

[40:38] Sharing his life through public speaking

[42:56] This biggest challenge this economy has is it’s ability to grow

[46:13] The U.S. has the top capital market in the world

[49:09] Always look out for this…

[51:09] Main Street feels helpless

[53:24] U.S. debt and growth of entitlements are our biggest issues

[57:43] John’s advice to young people “Get paid for something you love” 

[58:53] Contact information for John






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