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Jason ushers us into this episode by taking us through Julie Malinowski’s article “6 Trends Among Landlords and Tips to Outperform the Norm”. He also reminds us there are a few tickets left to the upcoming Meet the Masters event and about the upcoming Venture Alliance Mastermind in Dubai.


In today’s guest interview, Alvin E. Roth has written a book about markets. If you are wondering what type of market, as Mr. Roth tells us himself, it’s not important what type of market. It’s the market itself. He guides us through the interview discussing chapters of his book, “Who Gets What and Why” with real life examples of the organ donation market, the online matchmaking market and even shares his thoughts on how realtors have survived in our internet-based, do it yourself economy.


Key Takeaways:


Jason’s Editorial:

[2:42] Does ISIS really make over 1 Billion dollars a year?

[3:50] Gino from Cozy will be speaking at Meet the Masters

[4:44] Getting ripped off

[7:45] Julie Malinowski's article about 6 important property management trends and tips

[19:28] The 17th Meet the Masters event is coming up and there are a few tickets left

[20:35] Join the Venture Alliance Mastermind group during February in Dubai


Alvin E. Roth Guest Interview:


[21:56] The rules of a marketplace constitutes its design

[25:15] Alvin Roth analyzes the surprising U.S. real estate market

[28:30] Give realtors the 6% they deserve?

[33:10] Matching markets allow you to choose and to be chosen without pricing

[34:30] The matching market of organ donations i.e., kidney exchanges

[37:51] What rules should apply to repugnant transactions

[42:40] The government both interferes and supports all types of contracts

[45:19] “Who Gets What and Why” can be used as a field guide to markets

[46:28] How to understand signals of interest

[47:46] The matchmaking market signal experiment

[50:34] Contact information for Alvin Roth



Venture Alliance Mastermind

EZ Landlord Forms

6 Trends Among Landlords and Tips to Outperform the Norm

Who Gets What and Why


Living Kidney Donors Network


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