Creating Wealth Real Estate Investing with Jason Hartman

This episode includes a summary of’s 2016 real estate predictions and how the spending bill passed by congress last week included a tiny piece of legislation designed to limit the ability of financial advisors who only promote high fee products to their customers. And, like I always say, “It’s a great time to be alive”. I tell you about my trip to Arizona driving my new semi-autonomous Tesla and how the motor company is leveraging crowdsourced data to build a better road trip.


Key Takeaways:

[2:18] Join us at the Meet the Masters event to get started on your goals for the New Year

[4:08] Financial advisors might have to start giving you sound advice - article from Newser

[9:24] The spending bill which cleared congress last week

[11:55] Why Jason doesn’t confront his guests?

[20:30] Tesla Motors aggregates data to enhance the driving experience

[22:40] Brad Inman’s 2016 real estate predictions

[25:41] Was the 10.5% drop in home sales linked to changes in closing procedures?

[29:05] The era of the empowered investor

[34:54] Will Uber team up with a real estate company for instant access to showings?



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Venture Alliance Mastermind


The Big Short movie



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