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This episode was inspired by the current distance between Jason and his loving companion, Coco. Jason is in the Ukraine, as Coco who is in doggy daycare, anxiously awaits his return. Jason delivers his most heartwarming episode ever as he interviews the author of A Dog’s Purpose, Bruce Cameron. Bruce captured the hearts of over 2300 Amazon reviewers, as well as topping the New York Times best-seller list, with his series of stories about man’s best friend.


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Key Takeaways:

[03:46] A question from a Twitter follower about last week's bubble alert.

[09:36] Jason was in Romania when the great recession was going down.

[11:16] If you are serious about understanding the numbers and make a solid real estate investment join us at the upcoming JHU Live event.


Bruce Cameron Guest Interview:

[17:32] A Dog's Purpose and A Dog's Journey resonated with people because it included true love and true friends.

[20:21] Dogs are really good at reading our emotions.

[22:21] The Dogs of Christmas is a dramatic mirror of our current hermit type lives.

[26:24] Dog's make the best out of everything so take advantage of it!

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