Creating Wealth Real Estate Investing with Jason Hartman

Have you started teaching your kids how to invest? That's the question that Jason Hartman and Adam tackle in the opening part of today's show. The two discuss some of the more important things you can talk to your kids about in order to set them up for a lifetime of successful investing.

Then Jason talks with Anton Ivanov, founder of, about his real estate journey and what made him create his deal evaluating software. The two also explore what metrics real estate investors can use to best evaluate deals and where to get numbers that will actually give you accurate results.

Key Takeaways:

[2:55] The first thing you might want to do to teach your kids about investing and how Adam is approaching it with his kids

[7:00] Jason's first savings account

Anton Ivanov Interview:

[14:57] How Anton became an accidental landlord and started his real estate journey

[18:07] How the need to evaluate deals led to Anton's technology, and how to evaluate deals in general

[21:26] The only sure way to get accurate numbers in cash flow or profit equations

[24:13] Some of the metrics Anton loves to use

[28:35] Is the future for landlords as good as Jason believes?

[35:12] You can buy in blighted areas if you want, but know that they can take a REALLY long time to turn, if ever.

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