Creating Wealth Real Estate Investing with Jason Hartman

Jason Hartman brings this episode to you from China, where he has seen the impact of the rising middle class. While it may seem to be a world away, the growth in construction in China is impacting the cost of construction here in the United States as well.

Then Jason talks with Anna Myers, Vice President of Grocapitus, about how to analyze deals, specifically for multifamily. Anna's group is all about finding the right deals in the right market, and she talks with Jason about which markets are looking good and which are past their peak, along with why the demographics for real estate investors is still incredibly bullish.

Key Takeaways:

[3:28] The Chinese surveillance state is rampant and the country seems very wary of terrorism

[7:04] The rising middle class in China has led to a large amount of higher end stores

[10:31] All buildings are made from the same materials, so when there's a building boom in China it impacts builders everywhere

Anna Myers Interview:

[13:08] What is Anna's definition of "data driven real estate investing"?

[18:23] How can you know when the supply of starts is going to meet the demand for jobs?

[21:51] Things you need to be looking for at the neighborhood level of your market

[27:36] Anna's team is looking at approximately 80 markets a quarter

[31:28] What kind of properties does Anna have in her portfolio?

[33:47] The stigma of renting is gone as Millennials and Baby Boomers are now renting


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